Throughout the AP CSP pilot, several presentations and activities have been captured to help support those seeking to join the CS revolution. Below is a list of selected presentation slides and activities.
The state of AP CSP from a current pilot teacher.
Full curriculum modul on Data and Procedural Abstraction (Includes presenter notes and classroom activities)
An overview of the CS Principles curriculum designed and made available through
A guide to using collaboration in CS performance tasks (Includes presenter notes)
Using board games to teach flowcharting and process design.
Making the case for brodening particpation in computing through AP CSP.
Using origami as an "unplugged" activity to teach algorithm design (click here to download/print the teacher notes for this module.)
Transitioning from block to text-based coding through the lens of AP CSP
An "unplugged" activity that exposes data structures and algorithms involved in image representation and compression.